Augmented Reality Training

Augmented Reality Training for Security Officers is the next level of training where SO would go through training on all three SOPs



With interaction, the syllabus will most probably be more ‘retained’ then other form of training


Special focus is put on training SO on answering scenario-based questions during PLRD audit. And special additional customization as requested by SA for the AR Training can be implemented as well.


SO can log in anytime and place with internet connection and be immediately access the 3D training syllabus multiple times until they are 100% familiar with the training

*AR Training only requires an app on the handphone to start.
*All trainings are registered to individual users and results of their tests on the subject are recorded individually. 

Modules included


Small Fire and Big Fire

Suspicious Objects

Suspicious Person, Vehicle & Activities

Bomb Threat

Physical and call

A brief video on Small Fire AR Training 

If training with Augmented Reality for your company is what you are keen to explore further.

Email us for discussion. 

*Government Grants may be available for above products and services.