With the Personal Data Protection Act (2012) regarding the proper methods of collecting, storing, use and care of personal data. Much attention had been put to this with all industries. Companies are doing the ‘proper’ things or at least are trying to. 

But then again, what are the ‘proper’ things that companies need to do to ensure that Personal Data are protected? Even if you have tried to follow the PDPA guidelines, would your clients know that?

The Data Protection Trust Mark (DPTM) launched by IMDA in January 2019 will give clients the confidence that your company is really doing the ‘proper’ things. To achieve the DPTM certification, companies are required to undergo an assessment by IMDA and put in place policies that comply with PDPA. When will your company get your DPTM and be more competitive in your industry? 

When choosing between two similar companies to purchase products or services and only one has the DPTM, the answer is obvious.

However, if you are unsure about the policies and the assessment required to get certified, it would really assist your company to save time and energy on this matter without the assistance of someone in the know. 

Kyly CST can provide full consultancy on your application to be DPTM certified at a very economical price and with a guarantee. Quick, easy and economical. 

Be among the first with DPTM and not when every one of your competitor already has one and your business suffer because of it.

Email us now with DPTM to get started.