Outcome Based Contract

Outcome Based Security Contracts will be the norm for the future. It vary significantly with the common Output Based or Manpower Based Security Contracts currently used in most security contracts. Kyly CST is providing consultancy to any agency or company intending to embark on this new transaction model. 

In addition, we provide software, hardware and maintenance for the implementation of Outcome Based Contracts so that the contract can be carried out smoothly.

We will also assist ‘buyers’ of yours that are not familiar with Outcome Based Contracts to craft the document with all required terms and conditions. 

By the 1st of May 2020, all government security related contract will have to be Outcome Based.

Our Consultant

Ong Chia Choong

An ex-military officer with more than 32 years of leadership and staff experience in the domain of physical security, organisational structure and capability development; and enterprise risk management.

In his previous appoint as Director, Security Division of Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), Chia Choong led JTCC’s effort as one of the lead government agencies to embark on security Outcome-Based Contracts (OBC).

He has worked with relevant stakeholders, security agencies and technology partners to establish operational processes, implement relevant technologies and developed performance and governance frameworks to achieve and sustain operational outcomes.

In these OBCs, Chia Choong has relevant experience from the perspective of both the buyer and service provider in preparing, tendering and operationalising security OBCs. Chia Choong shared on security OBC at the 2018 Security Industry Conference and is frequently engaged to share his experience in security OBC.

If you are looking to take up this challenge and be among the first to offer this service, contact us for more information.