Smart Command Centre

A Smart Command Centre is a place where centralized security can be monitored and actions taken immediately when required.
It consists of monitoring hardware, internet connections, remote access and advanced software. 

Looking for lower security personnel or a centralized command centre?

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We provide all that is necessary for your company to set-up a proper and fully functional smart command centre in less than 2 months.

Aspects of a smart command centre

Screen Walls
Monitors that act in synchronicity with software control and wall or stand-alone installation

Standalone Visitor Management System
Allow visitors to type in particulars and collect paper passes without the need of security officers

Video and Audio Remote Access Controls
Visitors can communicate, visually and audibly, with SCC during extraordinary situation and be allowed in through the SCC control

Video Analysis Solutions
“Stored in CCTV system that alerts immediately when specified behavior is captured. Actions includes Violence, Fall, Intrusion, Dumping, Loitering and many other behaviors.

Facial Recognition for entrances
Allow registered faces to enter premise securely and hassle-free when connected to Electronic Magnetic Lock systems

Storage Servers, UPS and Internet Connections
Ensure storage and deletion of data with security and high internet connection speed for efficient monitoring of premises

We understand that not all the above may be necessary for your SCC or more functions and features may be required.
So, the best way is to sit down with us and have a chat.

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*Government Grants may be available for above products and services.